HR departments in high-growth knowledge organisations use HT2 Labs and our tools to significantly reduce the time it takes new hires to start contributing back to the organisation.

Organisations no longer need simply ‘standard’ people. They need ‘exceptional’ people. This personalisation begins with the right onboarding process.

We’ve spent the past 4 years developing our software tools to support companies looking to induct new employees into their team.

Read more about the story of Desjardins, who reduced the time it took for insurance agents to become competent in new products and services – reducing time to competence from 6 months to just 6 weeks with their own social learning playbook.

Your Social Learning Playbook

Reducing the time it takes to get new hires competent isn’t a straightforward process. It takes a range of interventions and consistent feedback to make the leap from newbie to a contributing member of the team. We call the range of interventions you can make your ‘playbook’. Here’s a taste of ours:

Social Courses

To get people up-to-speed quickly you need to embed a culture of social; benefiting from the network effect of people sharing knowledge.

Curatr has the tools to not only facilitate social learning, but to shape it using discussion tools and gamification features. See the best insights rise to the top; perform semantic analysis to assess what’s being said.

Real-world Practice

One of the most effective ways in which new skills and behaviours can be tested is with Curatr’s live video capture module. This allows learners to shoot videos directly in the browser or on their mobile / tablet device and have them appear back in the platform, in real-time.
Especially useful in sales roles, live video capture gives new recruits the chance to practice conversations and behaviours for line manager feedback before they try it in the real-world.

On-the-job Experience

We know that the onboarding journey isn’t just about knowledge building. It’s about demonstrating skills on-the-job and getting the endorsement of peers and line managers.

Our Learning Locker app gives you the tools to track and endorse knowledge, skills and behaviour as part of the process.

Measure the Change

A lack of credible metrics in capability building was highlighted by McKinsey as the fastest growing concern amongst organisations.

We use Learning Locker to create live dashboards of data, tailored specifically to show ‘hard to measure’ data, such as time to competence, sentiment analysis and behavioural trends. These give credible metrics to the business impact of capability building.

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