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What is a Learning Experience Platform?

A Learning Experience Platform (LXP) curates quality activities for self-improvement, personalized to the user’s needs.

For us, a true LXP is a tool of self-directed learning that is unique for each user. It is not simply a list of the available resources - it works to identify those skills that are both urgent and important to be improved upon for both the benefit of an individual's career and an organization's strategy.

The LXP links together learning experiences across the spectrum of an organization's resources and activities available for self-improvement. However, a good LXP should discriminate against these resources and activities - not every resource available through every subscription is a good or relevant one. Different learning experiences are suited best to different individuals. In effect, personalization is the core of LXP.

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The LXP is the latest innovation gaining serious traction in L&D. Here's how it works, why it's effective and how you can ensure your LXP delivers.

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