Meet the HT2 Labs Team

We are a vastly experienced, growing, global team, including a number of recognized thought-leaders, authors, and engineers amongst our ranks.

Manny Mullaney

Chief Layabout

As Chief Layabout at HT2, Beagle Manny can often be found basking in the sun or curled up next to his trusted human, James.

When Manny does eventually awake, he can be seen strutting his stuff around the office or hiding under tables, waiting to pinch bits of food out of staff members hands!

Jasper Betts

Head of Shoe Redistribution

On a busy day at the office, Spaniel Jasper can probably be found redistributing various staff members shoes throughout the office in a game of hide and seek.

In his spare time, Jasper likes taking his human, Ben, for long walks in the Oxfordshire countryside, as well as searching for food left unattended!