Meet the HT2 Labs Team

We are a vastly experienced, growing, global team, including a number of recognized thought-leaders, authors, and engineers amongst our ranks.

Janet Laane Effron

Data Scientist

Janet is our in-house data scientist. She has a penchant for applying diverse fields such as cognitive science and competitive intelligence to develop best practices in learning design & developing meaningful metrics for performance analysis.

Although not based in the UK, Janet makes up for it with some virtual cycling around rainy London each morning.

Ollie Newton

Lead Graphic/UX Designer

Ollie is a Creative Developer and Graphic Designer at HT2. He has an avid interest in Comic books and is always game for a chat about the shocking ending of last week’s episode of Game of Thrones.

Mostly though, he uses his passion for design and artistic skills to create great visuals and iOS apps.

Ian Blackburn

Product Manager - Learning Locker

Ian joined HT2 as a Solutions Architect in Summer 2017, working between our in-house and client technical teams to design and implement effective learning programmes; and taking on additional Product Manager responsibilities later that year.

Away from work, Ian is a Liverpool FC supporter, and a keen amateur footballer for his local team.

Pete Thorne

Product Manager - Curatr

Pete is now an experienced developer but was once a classroom teacher before transitioning into online training.

He likes to tinker with things to continually improve the user experience and deliver features that make a difference to trainers and learners alike. Outside the office, Pete is a normal geek.