Meet the HT2 Labs Team

We are a vastly experienced, growing, global team, including a number of recognized thought-leaders, authors, and engineers amongst our ranks.

Hotaka Kanazawa

Software Engineer

Hotaka joined HT2 Labs as a Software Engineer in July 2018, with 3 years experience developing a data management platform for digital marketing. He is keen to make his team more productive and deliver the best experiences to customers.

In his spare time, Hotaka loves rock climbing and enjoys tackling different routes when doing so.

Dan Stein

Machine Learning Engineer

Dan started out studying Business IT at Kingston University. Enjoying success with his part time record label ventures he left to start up the award winning ‘’, and later ‘Breakbeat Kaos’ one of the UK’s most successful dance music independent labels.

After a brief affair with the tech world with startup DarkStar (Chaired by XFM founder Chris Parry) which counted amongst it’s clients BuenaVista (Disney) and EMI, Dan landed the UK’s first No.1 Dubstep and Drum & Bass records amongst ten other UK Top 10 productions.

Returning to his roots after a health scare, Dan is a new recruit at HT2 Labs where he hopes to apply his many passions.

Phil Graham

Software Engineer

Phil has been involved with computers from an early age. He set up his first modem when he was 7 years old and living in the U.S. Phil joined HT2 Labs in January 2018; his first full-time role as a developer.

Phil is extremely passionate about new and emerging technologies and rocking out on the guitar.

Callum Williams

Software Engineer

Callum joined the Curatr Development team in October 2017, having previously held roles varying from front-end designer to a back-end developer (and everything in between), along with a good helping of graphical and UX design, plus some 3D modelling – and been “messing around” with websites since 2010.

If he isn’t pulling a computer apart and putting it back together (with a few screws left over), Callum is probably going for a run or playing his ukulele.

Chris Bishop

Software Engineer

Chris is another of our 2017 starters; joining as part of our software development team, he uses his experience in a number of programming languages to work on integrations as well as core code development.

Though he spends his working week in Oxford, his weekends are spent down on the coast in Hampshire where he enjoys living life by the sea.

Ryan Smith

Software Engineer

Ryan joined us after graduating from Oxford Brookes University, where he won the John Birch prize for the highest grade average in the University.

When he’s not injuring himself on a cricket field, he consults with people on all things xAPI and helps develop xAPI products and services such as Learning Locker and the Moodle xAPI Plugin.

Josh Wilkinson

Software Engineer

Josh has been developing learning software for the best part of a decade. He is passionate about software and likes to explore new innovations. He enjoys learning new skills and putting them into practice to find new creative solutions.

Aside from software Josh loves all things techy, and lives his life in ‘the cloud’. When he’s not in the clouds, he can be found watching movies, cycling or playing the guitar.