The PLAY Project is an organisation that provides professional training and development to pediatric professionals to enable them to deliver an evidence-based, cost-effective intensive developmental intervention to families of young children with autism spectrum disorders.

Play Project

The PLAY Project envisions that all parents will be supported in developing a joyous relationship with their children with autism spectrum disorders in a way that will help each child reach their full potential.

This project won the award for ‘Best Blended Learning Solution‘ at the DevLearn DemoFest 2016.

Project Background

The PLAY Project needed to move 2 days worth of live in-person training to an online learning course and platform that allowed the user to interactively participate in an online course, forums that allowed peer-to-peer feedback, as well as live webinar training sessions

The result was a quality learning experience that assessed that the trainees were better prepared to implement PLAY Autism Intervention than the former live training session, but that the interaction of the trainees with each other and the course administrators was improved and improved the training results.

Learning Approach

The Autism Intervention Certification course is broken up into Units based on a 6 week outline, each week covers an appropriate amount of training that the trainees that take this course can handle along with their other professional requirements.

Each Unit has downloadable resources and assignments that ask the trainee to apply what was presented in that Unit for feedback from the course administrators or their fellow trainees.

The course was developed over an iterative process of courses – first launched in November 2015, and the project itself was on it’s third iteration when it was introduced to the Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) LMS in October 2016.

HT2 has been a tremendous partner for the PLAY Project. They have helped us hand in hand to set up our Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) platform, and to help us setup up our courses for the most effective use of Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) as an LMS. HT2 learned about PLAY Project’s mission to help children with autism, and has provided support, flexibility and resources for us to reach this mission more effectively. We can’t say enough about their work and their support for The PLAY Project!

Onna Soloman
Learning Director & Lead Instructor, PLAY Project

Choosing Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) As A Learning Platform

The core project team for the Autism Intervention Certification comprised of Richard Solomon (Founder & Medical Director), Onna Solomon (Learning Director & Instructional Designer), Nick Vetter (Program Coordinator & Course Builder), and Shana Wirth (Manager of Training).

PLAY Project chose Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) in place of a more traditional LMS to provide a user-friendly platform that allowed a very social environment for trainees to give and receive feedback from each other and The PLAY Project.

In particular, they were impressed with the platform’s ability to combine live training, user contributions, automated emails and notifications, considering it the best combination for the type of training that PLAY Project Certification would need.

As the lead instructor on this course, I find it easy to use and wonderful for user engagement. I noticed a dramatic increase in online interaction among the participants since we switched to Stream LXP (formerly Curatr)’s platform. I love that I get summary emails on activity, so I know when participants need support or guidance.

This project has allowed us to turn a completely in-person training to an online and interactive training that has allowed more people to participate and extended the reach of potential certification trainees that The PLAY Project can train.

We have found that not only have the number of certification trainees increased but because of the online content and the Stream LXP (formerly Curatr) platform, the quality of our training has increase and therefore we are training more prepared PLAY Project Consultants to go into the field and work with children with developmental disabilities.

Onna Soloman
Learning Director & Lead Instructor, PLAY Project

Early Feedback & Results

This project has had some fantastic results to date, helping the PLAY Project create a community for online learning resources that provides a great interactive method for child development professionals to learn how to implement PLAY Project Autism Intervention.

Feedback from the child development professionals who have taken the course has been extremely positive:

“I can’t say enough great things about the PLAY Project. I am so happy with how the online course was delivered. I was able to manage taking the course while working full time.”

“Overall, it is an amazing course and I have enjoyed it greatly. I am looking forward to completion and being able to do this work with kids. I have been an in home therapist for just over 20 years and this model has truly added a great deal of wonderful strategies and ideas to my toolbox!”

“I thought this course was great! The online portion was very well designed and I did not have any problems navigating the site. The syllabus was spread out over a good amount of time; I did not feel too much was asked of me each week; and the training manual is well organized and informative.”

As a result of this, the PLAY Project has planned a series of courses geared towards helping children with autism through common issues that they face in everyday life, including transitions, behavior, and language.

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