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The Digital Transformation of the Learning Function

Digital transformation is changing the learning and development function and the role of the CLO. It is as much about strategy and culture as it is about technology.

10 Ways to Build Influence in the Workplace

There are many ways to think about influence in the workplace and your professional life. Even if influence is about holding power over others, many of the other hallmarks of workplace influence require us to wield a quieter and more thoughtful kind of power.

Demystifying xAPI: A Non-Technical

The most forward-thinking L&D teams are starting to leverage the wealth of information available to them, using xAPI to make data-led decisions to increase their impact.

Why Elearning in Higher Ed Will Grow in 2019

In 2018, key drivers cited included growing student demand, changing faculty attitudes, and a surge in the global elearning market.

6 Top Trends in Elearning For 2019

The eLearning industry has revolutionized at a great pace due to advances in the technological and cyber industries.

The Future of Learning Technology

Technology no longer simply refines previously accepted means and media. So, to understand – and shape L&D’s future – we first need to suspend the conditions that limit our imagination.

How Human Performance Technology & Learning Experience Design Are Integrated

Learning Experience Design encompasses the entire ecosystem of learning both on the macro and micro scale. A trend is occurring in the elearning space where Instructional Design models, and rapid elearning development tools have taken precedence over HPT.

How Coaching & Technology Support Lifelong Learning

Here are four different paths to ROI through coaching and self-improvement.

A Model Approach to Professional Development

A 'let's do' approach to professional development is taking teachers out of their comfort zones to become designers of innovative learning experiences.

How Online Learning is Doing Away With Traditional Learning Methods

Online learning has widened the scope of education and transcended it beyond classroom boundaries.

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