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How to Make the Talent Development Evolution Work for Your Organization

Employees today are more and more in the driver's seat of their own development experiences. This is why, as workplaces evolve, so should their talent strategies.

How Can HR Avoid Learning Fatigue?

Employers need to create personalized, accessible content for workers so they get the upskilling they want without the burnout.

3 Reasons Why Data Should Be at the Center of Your L&D Transformation

L&D departments are under immense pressure to demonstrate their benefits in the workplace and effectively guide employees towards reaching organizational goals. But the only way to develop a robust L&D program is to use data from your existing one.

Is Micro-Credentialing a Measure of Professional Development

With new technologies and cutting-edge solutions transforming how we work, it's important for your employees to stay ahead of the curve. Micro-credentials are now easily available, and workforce's are making an effort to level up by learning while working.

AI and the Future of Work

Following research into how AI will impact future career opportunities, the most successful applications have been when used in partnership with humans, rather than as a replacement.

Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence – and L&D’s Priorities

AI represents an inevitable and exciting opportunity for businesses across all regions and industries. However, success in its implementation will depend on the management of employee expectations in the value of transition.

4 Ways to Use the Nudge Theory to Improve Learning Outcomes

Today, HR practitioners are looking at several new behavioral science-led ideas to transform organizational learning activities as well as workplace culture.

5 Quick Tips for Improving Your Instructional Design

Moving a course from brick-and-mortar to online requires rethinking how you deliver content, replicate in-class interactions and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Learning Transfer: Are Old-School Training Courses Dead Ducks?

As bite-sized, self-directed online learning continues to evolve, should we be saying goodbye to class-room based learning?

Prolific advances in mobile technology are driving fundamental changes in the way we live, work and learn. Just as rapidly, workplace learning is moving in the same direction, quickly making traditional training approaches obsolete.

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