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A Technical Guide to Using xAPI

A technical guide to help developers get started using xAPI.

What Happens When You Add Big Data to L&D?

Traditional learning and development often relies upon transfer of learning measures, and leaders in L&D constantly are extrapolating all available metrics to determine levels of business impact or ROI.

Make Sure Everyone on Your Team Sees Learning as Part of Their Job

The reality is that most people are not set up to take advantage of development opportunities.

Tips To Enhance The Impact Of Content Curation In eLearning

Content Curation enables learners to find the most suitable and relevant content for their learning needs via a variety of different sources.

6 Tips For Successful Leadership In The Global Era

Leadership is more complex than ever and traditional approaches are proving insufficient for the range of demands in the new global environment.

How On-The-Job Training & Development Programmes Give Companies a Competitive Edge

The skill sets required for jobs are ever-changing and it is the responsibility of companies to plug the skill gap between education and employment.

Leadership: How to Develop a Growth Mindset at Work

Leading in an unpredictable working environment requires a growth mindset. Here are five key tips to help change your thinking and develop this.

Getting Started With Learning Data and Analytics

How do you get started using learning analytics? One learning entrepreneur outlines the types of learning analytics that L&D practitioners can implement.

Learning in the Digital Age: The Flipped Classroom Method

Far from replacing traditional teaching methods, digital technology can actually enhance them for a new generation of learners.

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