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Corporate Training Can Help Startups Grow Big Time

Investing in the development of employees should be a start-up's prime motive. Training and interactive sessions not only groom working associates, but also creates an engaging, positive working environment.

What are the Most Important Skills Marketers Will Need in the Future?

The future of intelligent marketing will require skilled marketing teams to innovate, interpret data, engage with customers and communicate the latest trends to senior management to develop effective marketing strategies.

Employers Need to Take a Proactive Approach to Learning at Work

The rapid pace of technological change has rendered skills development more important than ever before, and therefore, an ability to learn throughout our careers is vital.

Power to the People: Creating a Learning Culture to Reach Every Learner

The rise of the machines is upon us - technology is changing the way we do business. Companies where employees aren't adequately trained for this new environment will soon find themselves left behind.

Solving the Talent Challenge: Why Onboarding and Retention is a Strategic Imperative

Global business leaders say the challenge of hiring - with new talent in incredibly short supply - represents one of the top three emerging risk factors facing their organizations.

Data-Minded or Data-Blinded?

AI and HR have become closely acquainted in recent years but as AI penetrates into organizations, there are challenges when it comes to applying AI into analyzing employee networks.

Leadership Development is a $366 Billion Industry: Here’s Why Most Programs Don’t Work

With an estimated $166 billion annual spend on leadership development in the USA alone, organizations must transform these mission-critical programs to create real and lasting impact.

Being a Consistent Learner Helps Ace Mentoring Skills

For a leader to be successful and ace mentor-ship skills, a culture of learning needs to be instilled within the organization as well as in personal life.

How Do You Know Training is Working? 3 Ways to Find Out

Companies who invest over the national average have higher retention and employee satisfaction rates and higher revenues. But how do you know your training is working?

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