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The Changing Face of Education with Elearning

Some useful techniques engaged in the educational sectors (such as smart classes) have led to a tremendous increase in the ease of education.

Nurturing the Generation of Natural Born Leaders

Can leadership be learned or is it an innate skill we are all born with? Fuelling the nature/nurture debate, some feel that leadership is a skill that can indeed be learned.

How to Create Your Professional Development Action Plan

Professional development is critical for success as a modern engineer. Here are some tips to help you create your own professional development action plan based around the skills most desired by employers.

Corporate Training Market to Enjoy ‘Explosive Growth’ to 2025

Organization needs to invest their time significantly in training of employees as it excessively hampers the productivity of the company.

Online Education: Rules Under the Microscope

Definitions of innovative teaching models and expectations for accreditors of new programs are on the agenda as the Department of Education considers changing standards.

7 Things to Consider Before Developing Your Online Course

This article will explore seven things that instructors should consider prior to developing an online course.

6 Features of Effective Professional Development

Here are six characteristics that studies agree make for effective PD, what they really tell us, and what they don’t.

Trends in Corporate Elearning Part 1: VR, AR & MR in Learning & Training

This 4-part series about trends in corporate elearning explores whether/how VR, AR & MR are transforming the way learning & training happen in the corporate landscape.

Use xAPI to Correlate Training to Tangible Business Impact

While your focus may be on sales and marketing to bring new business and greater revenue, how effectively your employees learn is critical to creating, selling, and delivering your products and services to your customers.

Data Science: What To Expect in 2019

New advances in AI and Machine Learning mean that data can be applied in brand new ways, and in unprecedented modelling systems, to do much more than was possible just a few years ago.

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