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7 Statistics That Prove Training Value

According to LinkedIn research, 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning available.

Corporate Learning: L&Ds Untapped Resource

Today's employees aren't interested in instructor-led training. Instead, they're looking for scalable options that provide easily digestible, engaging and informative learning.

Top 10 Skills to Get You Ahead in L&D

Having the right skills set in place, both on your resume and LinkedIn profile, can make all the difference. But what skills are companies targeting for top L&D roles?

The Transformation in Learning & Development: The Tailored Experience

Powerful and personalised leadership training is the new currency for attracting and retaining employees. A culture of career growth now matters more than money.

How Can You Build a World Class Leadership Team?

For leaders in SMEs, building a world-class leadership team is critical to fuelling success. But is it best to up-skill and train staff, or bring in ready-made talent?

L&D in 2019: How Far Have We Come?

Every year, we are inundated with predictions on the rising and falling trends within the L&D industry. But how are these widely discussed predictions playing out as we enter the second half of 2019?

The Role of Mind-Set in Professional Development

Whether you're already responsible for team members or currently working your way to the top, any form of professional development requires one key ingredient: mind-set

Is Online Learning the Electric Car of Higher Ed?

Will teaching and learning in higher education move from mostly a face-to-face activity to one that is mainly done online?

4 Mindfulness Fundamentals to Transform Your Leadership

As humans, we have an innate capacity to be creative. Yet, this capacity is often weakened because the mind is over-taxed with internal/external distractions.

Learning Analytics: Why We Need Synergistic Skills

The case for workplace learning analytics as a worthwhile investment is clear - L&D must transform into a data-enabled function to keep pace with the business.

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